maandag 27 september 2010

Warning fake, FAKE! Boycot Michael Kadaz

Without Attribution: Stencil Art by Michael Kadaz


Michael Kadaz makes money by copying other artists work. He takes motives of artworks by international successful urban artists and gives them a new background. That’s it. No attribution, no credits, nothing...

Yes I know, everything is a remix and shared knowledge and shared creativity is great (that’s why all my photos are cc-licensed), but have you ever heard something about Michael Kadaz?

Kadaz makes his money by copy and auction off reproduced stencil artworks by internationally well-known and successful stencil artists like Dolk, Fake, Grafter, Hutch, Mr. Brainwash, of course Banksy, and so on. And it’s not just something like an inspirational copying! He signs the works with his name and I wasn’t able to find a pointer to an attribution or something like that anywhere…

I may text him a message via Facebook and ask what’s his problem with attributing the stencil artworks…Maybe you should write him a lovely message too! Unbelievable.

Via Urbanartcore

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  1. Why no reference to Warhol if you are so raged about copying originals?