woensdag 24 februari 2010

Result of my day at work

Result of my day at work, originally uploaded by .FAKE..

Well, the title says it all!


FAKE Cap, originally uploaded by .FAKE..

Waiting for paint to dry so I grabbed my camera and made this little Beauty ;-)


FAKE Cuts, originally uploaded by .FAKE..

I have been cutting stencils for 7 days straight now and my fingers hurt like hell.
I has been a while ago that I have been cutting like this and despite my fingers hurting like hell it feels good!
So today I will be watching movies all day with my hands in ice buckets on my side ;-)

Hope you week starts so satisfying as my week did!

vrijdag 12 februari 2010


My new working table, originally uploaded by .FAKE..

My new working table in my new studio!

Moved to my new studio today.

This is one of my 2 rooms there ;-)