maandag 30 november 2009

New print out now! "LOVE HURTS"

New print out now! LOVE HURTS, originally uploaded by .FAKE..

My new print is out now!

This hand painted print is titled “Love Hurts” and is the follow up my ever so popular Fake Love. Measuring 70 x 50 cm on 360gsm paper priced at 95,- GBP this print is an edition of only 20! Each print is hand painted by me and will have slight variations in colour and workmanship making each piece unique and an original in its own right. To purchase one of these prints visit

In addition Art Asylum will have a very rare edition of only 6 AP's completely hand painted and embellished by me with a GID (Glow In the Dark) Sun. For more information or to purchase you may contact the gallery directly at:

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